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Who we are

Our facility has the modern tools and machines to allow us to meet the needs of various industrial applications.  Our workforce can be scaled to meet small or large scale contract work.

110,000 Sq Ft

High Quality
High Value

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Why Choose Us

Since 1911 we have built an unchallenged reputation for manufacturing high-quality systems and components. Our modern 110,000 sq ft facility has well-balanced manufacturing, machining, and assembly capabilities. We are located in the center of the Eastern United States near several major transportation hubs and 75% of country’s industrial activity.

Latest Technology

Zenith utilizes high-performance CNC machining centers, testing equipment and punch presses with capacity from 10 to 100t.

Over 100 Years

Founded in 1911 our name is synonymous of quality, technology, and leadership. We have an unchallenged reputation for manufacturing high-quality components.

Ontime Delivery

Zenith is a pioneer in always-on-time shipping, located within 500 miles of 75% the country’s industrial activity and miles from several major transportation hubs.

Profesional Workers

Zenith can offer the support of a very well trained workforce in manufacturing, quality, engineering, and administration activities.

Zenith’s experience and expertise delivers high-quality, high value and competitive price in contract manufacturing.

Examples of Capabilities

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  • Testing
  • Polishing
  • Milling
  • Assembly

Testing 3


Testing 2


Testing 1


Polish 1




Assembly 2




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Professional Tools

Latest Technology

Our 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility has state of the art machining equipment. See our services for a complete list.

We are Trusted

Since 1911

Zenith has been a world wide brand name in manufacturing fuel systems for over 100 years.

We are Expert

Unchallenged Reputation

We understand the complete manufacturing process and importance of quality workmanship.

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